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What is Scrap Metal?



These metals are magnetic, and are generally heavier than most non ferrous metals.
Some of the most common grades of ferrous metals that are handled by Commercial Metals Ltd are described as follows:




Cast Iron Items that have been cast from a furnace Brake drums, manifold, storm cover gratings, roller rings
Heavy Steel Steel greater than 5mm in thickness Railway iron, plate steel, old machinery, construction steel
Lightgrade Steel Steel less than 5mm in thickness Roofing iron, ducting, drums, spouting
Ferrous Inorganic Products consisting mostly of light grade metals Whiteware, car bodies

Non ferrous

These metals are non magnetic and generally lighter than ferrous metals. They are typically more valuable than ferrous metals. There are numerous grades of nonferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and lead. The most common products handled by Commercial Metals are described as follows:




Cast Heavy, dense aluminium which has been cast into moulds

Mag wheels, drain covers, gear box housings

Clip Flat sheet aluminium  
Domestic Mixed aluminium products Pots and pans, registration plates, corrugated roofing
Extrusion Aluminium which has been extruded through a die Window frames, channel, box section
Irony Aluminium containing steel with a minimum aluminium content of 50% Brake boosters, cylinder heads, vehicle water pumps
Swarf Aluminium turnings  
Cans New and used aluminium cans  
Ali (mag) wheels Clean, uncoated aluminium auto wheels Steel, valve stems and wheel weights should be removed.


Domestic Copper based products containing various other nonferrous metals in nominal amounts Water cylinders, spouting, toilet cisterns, sheet copper, downpipes, kettles, boilers, foil
Grade 2 Uncoated oxidized copper products free of welds and fittings. These products are typically thinned walled Piping, sheet off cuts
Grade 1 Copper which is both clean and bright and uncoated Consists of clean unalloyed copper solids may inclde clean, oxidized or coated (plated) copper clippings, punchings, bus bars, commutator segments, clean oxidized copper pipe or tubing free of excessive solder and light gauge clean, oxidized or coated (plated) copper wire but free of fine gauge hair wire.
Sealed Motors Sealed electric compressor motors Refrigerators and freezers
Large Electric Motors Electric motors and large copper coil windings from motors Larger than 1 horsepower in size
Fractional Electric Motors Electric motors and small copper coil windings from motors Less than 1 horsepower in size


Mixed Brass of varied appearance in weight and colour (though typically yellow) Fittings, taps, piping
Swarf Brass turnings  
C&F Metals Cocks & faucets - consists of mixed clean red & yellow brass plumbing cocks and faucets Includes nickel/chrome plated parts, must be free of zinc die cast & aluminium parts.



The hardest of all nonferrous metals, usually shiny in appearance and difficult to scratch or make an impression on.

Bench tops, sinks, shower trays.
Swarf Stainless Steel turnings  


Solids Lead products which are both soft and hard in nature, although generally pliable or easily dented Flashing, sinkers, piping
Batteries Batteries containing lead acid (does not include dry cell batteries) Sources from automotive vehicles and other machinery
Wheel Weights Lead wheel balancing weights May contain steel clips


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